Camp It Up!


I'm not a big camping fan. In many ways I wish I was, and I really want to enjoy sleeping out in the elements and getting closer to nature etc etc, but...
1. I don't like bugs of any kind.
2. I feel the cold terribly and am always freezing, no matter how many layers I wear. 
3. I cannot cope without proper toilet/wash facilities...I know lots of campsites come fully equipped with these, but I'm just a bit of a funny old thing about it.
Anyway, this collection of photos by Inger Marie Grini have actually made me feel a bit of 'oooh camping' excitement! So many colours and patterns and melamine and deckchairs...This little camping corner looks really inviting. I think I would have to be a day visitor and retreat back to my own bed when it gets dark. Actually, I doubt anyone would even want me here as they'd think I was too much of a camping grump. Lovely pic though!


  1. How fun see you that you have discovered Inger Marie's great work.

  2. I have the same issue with camping in that I love the idea but I'm not always so keen on the reality!! These pics definitely play up to the romantic in me though - I can just imagine sitting at that table and sipping a glass of wine as the sun sets. I am trying not to imagine lying on a deflating airbed as freezing cold condensation forms on the inside of the tent :)
    Gorgeous pics!

  3. Oh I love camping! And I wish I could just hop into this picture, so cute!

  4. what a gorgeous set up... I could camp like this! :)

  5. this is too cute. i would love a little set up like this in my backyard.


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