Thank You + Winner

Hello, just popping in to say thank you once again for all your Copenhagen tips on the blog and via email too - I will get around to replying very soon!

Meanwhile, picked at random - Little Luna E - email me your address and I’ll send you some goodies!

In other news (relevant being that it’s set in Copenhagen/Malmo) Dan and I watched the whole of The Bridge on i-player last week! We barely watch any TV here, but oh my that was addictive! In fact, it was all I could think about last week - totally took over my thoughts/life! How much did I love Saga?! I know a few of you watched it...I’m hoping there will be a second season. Fingers crossed.

Have a nice day ♡

On The Balcony

We have been enjoying the glorious weather, which has finally arrived! You never know how long it’ll stick around for in this country, so you have to make the most of it. Bertie would happily play with water all day long, so he’s quite happy out on the balcony with a plastic box of water and some things to pour with. As you can see in the last picture, all that pouring and sunshine is quite hard work for a 2 year old - this is a live post - he’s still there sleeping right this minute (detrimental to bedtime, no doubt)!

Thank you so much for all your Copenhagen tips! You have all been so very helpful - what a fantastic response - wowzers! I’m going to start putting together a list of ideas now. Very happy :) on Wednesday, I’ll announce the winner of the goodies!

Your Copenhagen Tips Please!?!

I am very excited! In one month today, we are off to Copenhagen for a whole week and I can’t wait!

Therefore, I would love some Copenhagen tips please! It would be great to hear from anyone who has been before, or who lives there - I know I have some lovely Danish readers. In fact, the majority of sales from my shop head to Denmark, so there must be a few of you out there :)

What shouldn’t we miss? Eating out tips? Shopping? Galleries/Museums/Exhibitions? Things to do with children? Anything you might like to share with me about Copenhagen would be great!

We hope to spend a day in Malmo too, so any Malmo tips are also welcome. 

It would be soooo helpful for our ‘itinerary' if you can leave some words of wisdom for me here!

As a thank you, I’ll enter you all into a little giveaway and a person picked at random will receive some Seventy Tree goodies. Even if you don’t have a specific Copenhagen tip, but still want to leave a comment - you will be entered too :)
▲ Shorts - Bobo Choses - I wish they came in my size - although I don’t like getting my pasty, white legs out. No one deserves to be dazzled by my white legs. ▲

A New Week

It’s a new week - I can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by - Argh!

I had some lovely surprise post last week from Trixi, who’s blog is in my May links. She makes super cool beaded necklaces in gorgeous colour combinations. I was so over the moon to receive one along with a very sweet photograph (she takes great photos too) through my door. You must take a look around her shop - here. Thank you Trixi! ♡

Dan was saying the other day that our sofa is starting to look like it should belong to some mad old lady, with so many soft toys and novelty shaped cushions along the top! I disagree dearest husbando (although I probably will end up a mad old lady - arf!). The latest addition is the Sad Joe Pillow by Lucky Boy Sunday. Bertie keeps calling it a pumpkin.

My vase came from my friend Alessandra’s shop, Knots. I love it! I must get some blooms to go in it. I wish I was someone who always has fresh flowers at home....but I’m not really. So many aspirations......

Have a sunny week - I’m off to buy some flowers :)


A few bits and pieces around the home and the lovely view from my window. I have been trying to look after myself a little better. Even though I have a mega-foodie husband and I enjoy all the food he makes, when it comes to feeding myself during the day I am l-a-z-y! I eat mostly toast and drink too many cups of tea. Not nearly enough fruit or water passes my lips. Not good. So I have been making an effort to drink at least four glasses of water a day and have been to the greengrocers to buy a better variety of fruit. I must say, I feel better already! Bertie still doesn’t sleep through the night, so I hope that my new ways will help me to feel more energetic, despite lack of sleep. Joining the gym is next. I do a lot of walking, but I hope some proper work outs will make me feel even better. Fortunately I am naturally slim (thanks mum and dad for my slim genes!), but that doesn’t mean anything if you’re unfit and not eating the right things! Back in the day I was super fit and health conscious, but this has dwindled over the years :(

This is all stemming from a recent visit to my doctor who said I’m not doing enough for ‘me.’ It’s certainly made me think about my ways (or funny ways, as Dan would say!). 

I’m interested to know what you lovely people do when it comes to looking after ‘you’ ? Do share if you’d like to (this sounds like a very self-absorbed post otherwise!) ♡

Info / Postcards - Quill & Fox / Tray - Marimekko / Book from Happy Home / Cutting Board by Fine Little Day from Knots / Flower - by Cocon from Happy Home.


A sad moment for me. During a ’I don’t want to go to bed' tantrum last night, Dan picked Bertie up in the kitchen and the little monkey took his rage out on my plate - swiping it off the wall! All I heard was the loud crash as it hit the floor. My reaction was to quietly go and get the dustpan and brush and sweep up the little chippings of broken plate. I had nothing to say. Goodbye fox-on-a-bike-with-baguette plate....

Studio Meez ♡

I L-O-V-E exciting post!! And this was a cracker! Beautiful prints and an apple cushion from the wonderfully talented Studio Meez. I adore this lovely lady from Belgium's style and cannot wait to get these prints on the wall. The apple is already looking very at home :) I can't recommend highly enough! Visit her blog here and shop here for more. One of my favourite blogs too.

Happy weekends everyone - thanks for popping in this week x


Hi friends. I hope you’re all well and had nice weekends? 

Thank you for all your lovely comments lately. I am really happy with the response you have given to my new work. :) I bought this beautiful hand drawn jug from my friend Emmas’s new shop. I really love her style, so you must visit her store for more carnival inspired ceramic pieces. It is also the perfect place for my little jade flower by Cocon.

Happy Home is one of my favourite online shops. And it just happens to stock my work ;) I placed an order recently, which included these postcards by Studio Violet and Fine Little Day (and a little extra one too - thank you!)

Where is the summer I ask? It is so dark and gloomy out. My fairy lights are still on almost all day!

Also from Happy Home, Caroline Gomez’s new little publication. I am not a speaker of French (so wish I was), but I can still appreciate these beautiful, peaceful images. I got the Cocon flower from HH too.

Dan smashed our lamp. This is its replacement, which I prefer anyway - cheap and cheerful from Ikea. A happy accident after all :)

Aaah, my Marimekko bowl. That is all....

Oh look, it’s the top of Bertie’s head - he’s eating his Marmite on toast. That’s pretty much all he eats at the moment....he’s never been a great eater and seems to have developed a ‘dinner’ phobia. 
He will snack all day long, but dinner - no. Add to this his new ‘going to bed/sleep’ phobia = Evening stress galore!

Ok, who likes my new placemat? It’s the best thing ever in my opinion. This was a very generous and sweet gift from Lisa, who used to live in London, but relocated to her husband’s home country of Norway, I believe, over a year ago now. She said she saw it and thought of me (can’t think why?!) So nice of her :) I have been reading Lisa’s blog for a long time and love hearing her honest, funny tales about Norwegian life and she has an incredibly thrifty eye too - very jealous of her finds!

So do you have anything to share about your weekend?Have a nice day people.
P.S. Just to remind you that my May Links are up in the sidebar. Some lovely blogs to check out ☆
P.P.S. We had a very nice date thank you ♡
P.P.P.S. Read my guest post on Lou's blog 'Little Green Shed' today :)

It’s Late and I’m Going on A Date!

With my husband of course. Tomorrow/Sunday, we are having a few hours alone together without children! Unheard of! We’re going to go out for brunch and catch an exhibition. He will drink coffee, I will drink tea. We will share some sweet treats, wander around and talk (probably about the children, but, you know....) I have possibly forgotten how to walk without pushing a pushchair and will feel like I’ve forgotten something - Bertie? Yes. I cannot wait :)

P.S. Does anyone know what the heck this plant is? I bought it in Ikea and am useless with plants. I forget to water it, but it is still going strong with its minimal waterings. Reminds me of my old inherited hamster (no I didn’t forget to feed it), but I was scared of it, always made my old boyfriend feed/handle/clean it out - expected it to run its course after a year or two (as hamsters do).....Four years it lived! Four years of hamster fear. No offence to hamster lovers - it was treated very well, but my heart wasn’t in it -  a bit like with this plant.

Oh my days - I do waffle.

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