Your Copenhagen Tips Please!?!

I am very excited! In one month today, we are off to Copenhagen for a whole week and I can’t wait!

Therefore, I would love some Copenhagen tips please! It would be great to hear from anyone who has been before, or who lives there - I know I have some lovely Danish readers. In fact, the majority of sales from my shop head to Denmark, so there must be a few of you out there :)

What shouldn’t we miss? Eating out tips? Shopping? Galleries/Museums/Exhibitions? Things to do with children? Anything you might like to share with me about Copenhagen would be great!

We hope to spend a day in Malmo too, so any Malmo tips are also welcome. 

It would be soooo helpful for our ‘itinerary' if you can leave some words of wisdom for me here!

As a thank you, I’ll enter you all into a little giveaway and a person picked at random will receive some Seventy Tree goodies. Even if you don’t have a specific Copenhagen tip, but still want to leave a comment - you will be entered too :)
▲ Shorts - Bobo Choses - I wish they came in my size - although I don’t like getting my pasty, white legs out. No one deserves to be dazzled by my white legs. ▲


  1. I love Copenhagen! If the weather is nice try to get out of the city and go to the coast - we went to the Louisiana museum which was lovely - set in beautiful grounds, great art in big open gallery spaces and a nice shop/cafe. They also have a childrren's wing and they also have a small beach. It was a beautiful place to go - took the train north and then had to walk a short way to the museum - you could also take a picnic.

    The best cake/bread shop is called Lagkagehuset on Torvegade just across from the metro station - you can watch them making the cakes etc

    There is of course Tivoli Gardens - I just bought an entrance ticket the last time - not doing any of the rides - but it was nice to just wander about.

    Roskilde is another lovely place to take a day trip = the Viking Ship Muesum there is really interesting - all the kings of Denmark are buried in their church and there were some nice little shops.

    Apparently the opera house is really worth touring. People often sit in Nyhaven to have a drink in the evenings - often just buying their drink in a nearby shop as opposed to going to a bar.

    definitely one of my favourite cities!

  2. I've never been to copenhagen, but i think there are some Posts about it on the famille summerbelle blog. You might check those? Anyway, it must be à great city, hope to visit it one day too. So have fun!

  3. thinking about going to Copenhagen too so very curious what comments will turn up here

  4. Can you fit me in your suitcase?
    I want to go too! x

  5. Wishing you a lovely time over there, I've never been to Copenhagen.... Love your shorts by the way!

  6. I've been there last winter with my fellow architecture student, so of course the few days we spent there, were mainly focused on architecture. I have one tip though: Soupanatural (, a cosy soup bar in a cellar, where every sunday evening they have 'sofa sessions', acoustic shows where the musicians sit right next to you on the couch. We all loved it there! Besides that, you could check out my posts about my trip to copenhagen, where I documented everything we saw, maybe you'll find something you like in there!

  7. They are fabulous shorts! How exciting about your trip! We loved Copenhagen. We went there when our girls were 8 and 5 and had a fantastic time. Best recommendation is the Viking Museum - super fun and they have a section where you can dress up in Viking clothes with shields etc and take photos of each other... we have some hilarious photos from there. Also, they have an amusement park called Tivoli that was good too - they have a kids rollercoaster too! :) OMG you're going to have so much fun! Kx

  8. i can give you some of my favorite places, not big tourist magnets just very charming local places outside the city center.

    Værnedamsvej, is copenhagens most lovely street! nice cafés and small shops.
    The big street leading to Værnemdamsvej is Gl. kongevej a very nice shopping street.

    the meatpacking district 'kødbyen' in vesterbro is the place to visit for trendy restaurants, cafés and bars.
    Istedgade in Vesterbro, ind the end by Engehave, is the very cool, trendy part of copenhagen. -'skydebanen' is a playground located just behind istedgade -a nice stop on if you have children.

    in Nørrebro
    Sant hans torv: cosy square with cafés. small designer shops in Elmegade. Go to Ravnsborggade for antiques and other small nice shops.

    In the center you have to visit The royal café on Amagertorv... it is a must!!! you find it, in the ally behind the royal copenhagen porcelain shop.

    hope you will have a great trip, and that you vil see some of the 'real copenhagen'

  9. ahhh I have 29187 tips but I'll just name a few: For now I'd suggest you bring a lot of money (haha) because everything's more expensive and visit the Zoologisk Museum, I thought it was a great museum (with kids too!) and wander through Jægersborggade, it has a lot of nice little illustration shops etc and you can grab a coffee there at café Lyst or have dinner at Manfred's.

  10. Louisiana Museum, I've never had the chance to go but loads and loads of people recommend it.

    Tivoli or Bakken, the latter is older and entrance is free, Bakken is surrounded with a lovely forest.

    I found Christiania really interesting too.

  11. Even as a Copenhagener I think that Christiania is a must - wandering around the moats and looking at the curious housing, or just sitting by the lake with a cold beer is pretty nice. On Sundays the cafe 'Nemoland' hosts free open-air concerts (with different Danish artists) . Otherwise I would recommend going to the marketplace 'Torvehallerne' right by Nørreport for different kinds of specialities, or Siciliansk Is on Skydebanegade in Vesterbro for awesome icecream.
    Anyway, you're in for a treat; nothing beats Copenhagen in summertime!

  12. I'd like to go to Copenhagen one day ... so I don't have tips for you sorry ...
    I understand that you are excited ! and I think prepare a trip is almost as excited that to do the trip ... then enjoy ! ^_^

  13. Hi :-)

    Here comes a few tips from a copenhagener.

    I will also recommend:
    - a trip to Louisiana (combined with a picnic on the beach).
    - a trip to Roskilde - the city is really cosy.
    - a trip to Tivoli if you like amusements parks.

    Besides that I would like to recommend:
    - check out the neighbourhood "Nørrebro" - enjoy the sun at "Dronning Louises bro", have a look at the fine stores at "Elmegade" and eat a delicious icecream at "ParadisIs" at "Sankt Hans Torv.
    - check out "Torvehallerne" at "Israels plads". It's a huge marketplace with lots of delicacies.
    - a canal cruise in Malmö - maybe also in Copenhagen.. I've tried it in Malmö last summer, and I think it's a nice way to have a good look at the city. I haven't tried it in Copenhagen since my childhood, but actually I think it's great too.

    I hope you'll have a nice holiday - and then I hope you'll understand my English ;-)

  14. Oh I'm very envious ..we've been watching The Bridge recently and wishing I could visit that area again...its lovely you will have a great time.
    I would recommend going cycling Copenhagen ..and in Malmo and Lund (small university town near Malmo) is a site to give you some inspiration

    Malmo has lots of beaches nearby ..fingers crossed for lovely weather.

    I also recommend the Louisiana Museum.

    Also I think it will be Midsummer in Denmark and Sweden which is a national holiday with lots of great celebrations.

    Have a great time.

  15. Ooh Denmark! We are thinking of heading there this Summer so I'll be reading your comments section eagerly! Are you renting an apartment? Hope you have a fabulous time - sorry I haven't any tips!
    Cath W :)

  16. Like mairead, I would mostly recommend hiring a bike. The roads are steep but I loved the freedom that came along with it!!

  17. I only wish I was heading on a lovely holiday in Europe. Holidays to Europe when you are based in Australian are few and far between! Enjoy and have fun for me as well!

  18. Going to Copenhagen sounds like a great Holiday ! Lucky you :)
    I've never been, but definitely on the future wish list.
    Make sure you take lots of photos to remember it, Denmark's a lovely country.

  19. Ohh Kerry, if you want tips for CPH, i have more than plenty:-). Actually all year round i have a continued "to see" list so whenever i hear or read about something interesting, i write it on the list for my next visit. Next week i will go to CPH on a little holiday. Somethings for you and your family to do is;

    CMYK; small shop with prints from various artisit. So cheap...

    Danish design center; in the basement there is a collection of Danish design through times. And it is very close to Tivoli (which is another must do).

    The Experimentarium: an exiting place for the whole family if the weather is not great.

    Canal tour; so nice! You get to see a lot of the city from the waterside.

    Design Museum Denmark; beautyful building and an interesting museum. Close to Nyhavn and the Queens Castle (of course all so a must see).

    And i could continue:-) As i am so much into art and illustrations, there are also a million posibillities in that direction. Let me know if you need more ideas:-)

    Br, Anja

  20. Oh lucky you! I have always wanted to visit Copenhagen but sadly haven't had the chance (yet). Hope you have a great time! x

  21. I forgot to write Copenhague on the list of place I want to go.
    I'm sure you will ne pass a great moment

  22. Oh, lucky you! Copenhagen is such a wonderful city!
    We went there for two days during a trip through Denmark two years ago, and really loved it. You can see what I particularly enjoyed over here (our first day) and here (our second day there).

    I hope you'll have a wonderful time there!

  23. I liked Christania (though not sure how child friendly it is - lots of big dogs and men smoking pot when I was there). Tivoli would be good for kids! I would avoid the little mermaid statue - I walked miles to find it, and when I got there a coach load of over-zealous tourists turned up at exactly the same time! The botanic gardens are very nice though. You'll have a great time wherever you go though - it's very beautiful!

  24. norrebro and vesterbro for cafes and little shops,
    and carslberg area, they have some cool playgrounds there.

    and i think that whatever you do,
    it is difficult not to have fun in copenhagen :)

  25. Over here you can find some recommendations for Kopenhagen:
    long live google translate :)!

  26. no tips for Copenhagen
    which is on my wishlist for years
    but I would love
    some Seventy Tree goodies


  27. hmm very very very! JEALOUS! can you bring me back a pressie? Have an awesome time..... x

  28. I live in Copenhagen and here are my recommendations:

    First of all – Lousiana is a must see. You’ll have to spend a whole day there but it’s a really great museum and the location is fantastic.

    Tivoli has a really nice atmosphere – especially at night. It’s an old amusement park and you can definitely feel that.

    But I would also recommend you to go somewhere less touristy.

    A walk around Christiania is definitely a different experience. Christiania is a freetown and was founded by a group of hippies in the 70ies. It’s a big area surrounded by a lot of fantastic nature and I always find the people and the houses they live in very interesting and uplifting to look at when I’m taking a walk there.
    For a less touristy experience I would definitely recommend the neighborhoods Nørrebro and Vesterbro as well.

    Nørrebro: Vistit the cozy streets Elmegade, Ravnsborggade and the square Skt. Hans torv but you should definitely also visit Jægersborggade, which is a bit further out but full of great little shops, coffee places and really nice and cozy cafés (full of great places to eat brunch).

    Vesterbro: Visit Værnedamsvej, Istedgade and the meatpacking district. Værnedamsvej is a super cozy litlle street with a great café called Granola and the world's first typography store, Playtype (

    If the weather is nice I would take a trip to the beach. Amager Strandpark is the biggest and most beautiful one in Copenhagen. It’s very kid friendly and very spacious – so it won’t feel too crowded even on the hottest summer days. You can easily get there with the metro.

    For great interior shopping go to HAY and Norman Copenhagen. HAY has two shops in central Copenhagen and I can spend so much time in there browsing though all the nice, fun and interesting things they have.

    Link: Go to for more information.

  29. I love kopenhagen, though have been there only few times myself. I would definitely go to Tivoli with the kids, and try some wienerbröd and smörrebröd in some bakery :) As an art-lover I recommendate Louisiana, it is great! Also Moderna museet, swedish museum for modern art is a really cool&must place if you are visiting Malmö! Hope you'll get a lovely trip! And I just lovelovelove those bobo c:s :)

  30. Oh, enjoy your trip! I was in Kopenhagen a few years ago but I'm afraid that I cannot give you the best tips. I loved the city and I remember that it was a great idea to take the public transport boats :)

  31. Oh you'll love Copenhagen Kerry :) I went to uni there for a bit :) Definitely do Tivoli, drinking along the harbour, the little mermaid, and the Round Tower for a fab view of the city (you can get some great shots of all the green copper roofs!)... I'm thinking those tips should still be in date! ;)

  32. Never bin to Copenhagen, but I really want to go!
    Love those shorts by the way!

  33. Don't know Cph but can I go with you in your bag? ;-) Gaëlle.

  34. Oh no.... I just lost the longest reply ever.... I have recently been to cph and have been many many times as my mum is Danish. I'm not going to risk writing so much again so will eMail you tomorrow. I have a 17 month old so have a good heads up as to what s good to do and what not.
    In the meantime design sponge has quite a good guide....
    You will love it, but be prepared to spend a lot. There are so many fantastic chilldrens shops I stock up on boys clothes for Rafferty while I'm there.x

  35. Wow, we're going to be in Copenhagen at the same time on holiday! (and for a day trip to Malmo too). I'll look out for you!

    you might like to see my map of research:

  36. Hey, I've never been to Copenhagen but do you follow the Famille Summerbelle blog? She's just been to Copenhagen and written about it twice in her last couple of posts. Have a lovely time - Bobo Choses rock. Mrs B xx

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  38. Hi Kerry. I'm Danish and used to live in Cph before moving to UK 10 years ago! As many others have said, you must go to Louisiana, it's such a great place for the whole family. If the weather should turn bad (Lets' hope not) there is a great indoor swimming centre very close to the central station called DGI Byen The ice creams in Denmark is to die for, not like a cheap 99p flake ;-) and the kids would love to climb the tower on Vor Frelsers Kirke (Our saviours Church)

    Have a wonderful and fun time and enjoy the great city of Copenhagen


  39. I don't have any tips but I do have a lot of envy!
    Copenhagen is number 1 on my must visit list ... lucky lady you are!

  40. With kids i recommendent Tivoli, zoo, just going to the park for a piknik, walking around at Fredriksberg (it`s a lovely area with old houses and great atmosphere).

    Little mermid is one "have to see"-palces, but it``s not actually that special, so don``t waste too much time in it :)

    Have a great week at Cph! It`s such a lovely city!

  41. I was once in Copenhagen a long time ago and i really enjoyed it ! i have great memories in Tivoli ! :) i'm going back there in the summer too, so i'm curious about all this tips !! enjoy !!!

  42. HI there!
    I lived in Copenhagen for one month exactly two years ago! It was absolutely one of the finest times in my life. Denmark and the south of Sweden have a special light in the spring that is really precious!
    I remember that in order to make the mos t of my time i used to read city guides all the time.
    I love the tips given by the Spotted by Locals guys! and now they have an iPhone app too!
    I remember also that I used to check out street style bloggers sites. I found a great guide but I've just check and the site is down (, so I would "paste" some of the best spots that I saved in my notes!
    I hope you have a great time!
    Kalaset, Vendersgade 16, 1363 København K.
    Swedish inspired, retrolooking Café. It is situated on the corner of the trendy street Nansensgade which you can stroll down after lunch or fika. Also one of my favorite cafes in cph.
    Café den blå time, St. Kongensgade, 1264 København K.
    Famous for being the place where many great danish journalists and writers drink their black espressos and cappuccinos. And I love the name “Café the blue hour”
    Genbrug, Vesterbrogade 79, 1620 København V
    Many cph-girls favourite second hand. Incredible many dresses in one place and worth paying a visit.
    H.C. Ørstedsparken.
    With it's steep hills around the little lake I like H.C. Ørstedsparken a bit better than Kings Garden. It is more quiet and because the biggest hill is turning west it is the perfect place to eat your dinner in the evening sun. There's also a café/restaurant in this park and I've heard that it is very good.

  43. Oh my, I really am jealous of your holiday plans! I can't wait to read about what you get up to whilst you're there. I've never been but it's definitely on my wish list. My brother goes every year and raves about it! E has the Bobo Choses bicycle dress in yellow - their stuff is so sweet!

  44. Wonderful Copenhagen! Don't miss Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, on the north coast: it' s really interesting and its wonderful location makes it perfect for a one-day trip with children.
    And be sure of going to Søstrene Grene in central Amagertorv' s full of lovely stuff!!!
    Enjoy Copenhagen! Nicoletta

  45. Hi Kerry,

    I'd recommend you to visit my new website, where I write about some of the things to see while in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    We hope you'll enjoy the site :)

  46. how lovely! i've been to copenhagen onde but only for a couple of hours and strolled in a main street with no cars (very precise I know!).
    well, it will be great for sure so have fuuun!

  47. Hi Kerry

    I've spent the hole day in Copenhagen - so funny to read this post:)

    A lot of nice places have been mentioned already - I would recommend:

    A canal tour with "Netto-bådene"

    Tivoli - it's not just an amusement park - it has history, beautiful architecture, flowers and fountains

    Frederiksberg Svømmehal - if the weather is bad this an indoor swimming centre. The place has a great history and a famous Danish, cubist painter, Vilhelm Lundstrøm, decorated the walls with big paintings. It was built in the 1930's when a lot of the people living in Frederiksberg didn't have a shower in their apartments.

    Nice places to shop is

    PRAG genbrug in Vesterbro - vintage clothing

    Kaiku - an interior design shop with a lot of things you like; Lucky Boy Sunday, Ferm Living, Liebe etc.

    Liebe - ceramics - the owner sometimes works in the shop

    In Malmø you must go to Malmø Kunsthal to see some great art:

    Sorry, I could just go on forever - Copenhagen is such a lovely city. I lived there for many years. Have a great time!


  48. Hello Kerry!
    I don't know anything about Copenhagen nor Malmö but some good friends of mine have just left for Copenhagen. They are visiting family and spending a whole week over they. I'll ask them when they're back and let you know about their tips...
    If I were you, I'd ask Caroline G. She must have been there. I am sure you are familiar with her beautiful Malmö print...
    I just love it!
    Can't wait to read about your trip...
    Have a nice weekend!
    Fanny S.

  49. You have to visit Fredriksberg it's super pretty :)

  50. Have a lovely time in Copenhagen. That's my tip! I'm on the other side of the world in Tasmania so I'm very jealous.

  51. Hi Kerry, my message got wiped out so I sent you a lengthy mail. Enjoy the trip!

  52. I live in Copenhagen, and love my city. It's absolutely beautiful right now :-) I would recommend visiting Nansensgade, a street which has a lot of nice cafes, shops and bars that are a bit away from the usual turist route (Strøget).

    If the weather is nice, you need to have a coffee or brunch at "Hacienda", a very well-hidden cafe in the Park "Ørstedsparken". Not many people know this secret little pearl :)

    Have a great time in Copenhagen!

    Best wishes,
    Helle J

  53. Have a look here
    we love Copenhagen and my girl friends there are so much fun.
    Still have to make some holiday plans ..guess we could go back to Copenhagen

  54. Hello Kerry,

    CPH it's soooooo nice!
    You just can't miss Tivoli (it's gorgeous), the louisiana museum is a must see, and for a nice coffee shop i would suggest The Laundromat Cafe, it's very cooll!

    Hope you have a wonderful time!


  55. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  56. hi Kerry,
    Copenhagen is one of my favorite places on hearth, it's a lovely city and I went there many times allthough it's quite a while now since my last visit.
    I defitely recoment 'Louisiana Museum' and if you like you can have a picnic in their garden as i did with friends. Simply great!
    Another cafe I really loved is Zeleste cafe-restaurant []. Tivoli amusement park is very nice at evenings for the wonderful lights they have (even though being an amusement park, but i guess chldren will love it). Well... for the rest it's too long ago as I said so my memories are a bit blurred. Enjoy your staying, I am sure you will love it!

  57. i bet, your legs can't be as white as mine ;)


  58. How nice, that you are going to Copenhagen.
    There are so many lovely places that just needs to be seen in person.

    If you like cake, then you must go to La Glace, it is a bit touristed but the cake is amazing. You should also take a walk through the latin-naborhood, there are so many funny places. Then take a coffee break at the living room, they by the way also have great cake sin there.

    Go see the parks, they are all around the center of the city. Go to Louisiana up north, it as an amazing museum with the most beautiful view. Experience the new market place called Torvehallerne, it's great. Go through Nansensgade, it is one of my favourite places. You should defiantly eat the pizzas there, they are real italians. Go by the four lakes, it is such a wonderfull feeling.

    I could go on, but I guess I have been mentioning some of my many favourite places in Copenhagen. Enjoy.

    Love Sarah

  59. Copenhagen is my favourite place in the world! My biggest recommendation is just walk around and take it in, it's such a beautiful city :)

  60. Lucky you to go to Copenhagen, I've always wanted to go there!! We're going to go to Amsterdam this Summer. Sorry, I have no tips for you, since as you understood, I've never been there ;-(

  61. No Copenhagen tips from me I'm afraid.... it's a place I've always wanted to go to but haven't made it yet. With the French family, it's hard to go anywhere other than France now on our trips to Europe - a tough problem to have, I know!

  62. In Malmö visit the shops Lagerhaus, åhlens and Granit- cheap and cheerful homeware. Cervera is also great but a little more expensive. Davidshall has some lovely quirky shops. Head to västra hamnen for a coffee and a great view of the bridge to Copenhagen. Finally, eat a Swedish pizza if only for 'pizza sallad' it's served with! Have an amazing time! xx

  63. Oh my! I would love to meet you!! We live in Copenhagen and while I could recommend a MILLION things, here are a couple other ideas that I don't think I saw above: Normann Copenhagen, HAY, & Illum Bolighus. I am certain that you will love all three! If you have time you can check some of the other shops I featured here:

    We have three kids and their favorite things to do are: Visit the Little Mermaid (of course!), picnic in Kongen's Have, and ride bikes. We have a cargo bike and the kids love riding in it and going to the Lakes (Søerne). We know a bike shop downtown that could rent you bikes if you are interested.

    All of these things are very close together and if you want more specific help, feel free to e-mail me!

  64. I lived in Copenhagen for 6 years and I loved it. I lived in the area called Noerrebro, and it's also very nice. If you are going there your have to visit Jaegerborgsgade and Elmegade for some outstanding shops and Sankt Hans Torv for coffee- Have a nice trip and enjoy

  65. I am a Copenhagen based graphic designer and loooove my own neighbour hood Nørrebro so heres a few of the places I love the most(and also good places if you want to see more exciting stuff than tourist places):

    · Assistens Kirkegården: A cemetery and park in one. My all time favorite place to stroll with my new-born boy and also favorite place to go hang out with friends on the lawn and under the old trees with a beer or coffee.

    · Stefansgade: For ice-cream, coffee and a bite. There you also find Nørrebro park where people go barbeque

    · Jægersborggade: For shopping(small design shops, galleries, record shops etc.), brunch, lunch, dinner, coffee, wine or just for a walk (Don't miss it)

    · Blågårdsgade: For coffee, wine, beer, icecream, juice, a light dinner...

    Enjoy our lovely city ;-)


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