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Hej! Today I am thinking about colour palettes. We have some really nice bits and pieces in our home and tend to be drawn to brighter colours. I haven't ever felt the need for a running theme or to co-ordinate accessories; anything goes really, as long as we like it. I say ‘we’ but mostly mean ‘me.’ Sometimes Dan and I have different tastes. For example, he doesn’t like my Donna Wilson plates or any Ashley G bearded men. But still, I’ll let him off those before divorce is considered.

Anyway. Lately I have been feeling a bit cluttered and overwhelmed by all the colour surrounding me. I think I’m probably just feeling a bit down in the dumps; lots of crap going on in the world, summer coming to an end, etc. However, it has made me think about the impact colour has on my general mood. At the moment I need to feel calm and balanced, so am drawn to colour palettes such as those above. I love the pale, muted tones and any additional colour seems to accentuate the dreamy atmosphere of these interiors. Which makes me look around my own home and feel the opposite! Random colours thrown together, higgeldy piggeldy displays.....

So perhaps I just need to rearrange things a little and put a bit more thought into how I display my belongings. Maybe I’m having an off day?

How about you? How much of an effect does colour have on your mood? And is this reflected in your home? I’m interested to know your thoughts...

The pictures were sourced from these two beautiful blogs, 1, 2 and 3 LeDansla and 4 and 5 Holmberg Everyday Living. You really should check them out if you don’t know them.

Happy Weekends :) and Happy Birthday to my step-mum, Kim!


  1. Your home shots in previous posts always seemed to have shots of bright colour without being a huge colour riot - lovely, I think. I'm just about to get my sitting room painted pale and then hoping to zing it up with pictures and sofa cushions. I also find that I what I wear and what I like in my house colour-wise are quite different.

  2. Well you certainly got me thinking, about calm and colour. Both have a place, maven just be for a season.
    Admittedly I love colour injections, but often opted for muted or grey. I am currently debating Oval Room Blue by Farrow and Ball for our family bathroom as it is just too white.
    ps. When I feel cluttered I visit Tom Selby's blog the homes he photos are often jam packed with patterns, stuff and colour!

  3. i desperately need colour. i crave it. i adore grey and these calm palettes but i couldn't live like this. i really love minna's house though, all that white, black and grey, it's stunning. i know what you mean about the higgledy piggledy though. that upsets my brain! i'm always tweaking. not so it looks all stylish, but just to balance my brain. x

  4. Lovely. U make me happy with this post. Smiling and pinning on my pinterest.
    Thank u,

  5. Gosh colour totally effects how I feel. I see beautiful homes which are whites, woods, greys - neutrals and feel relaxed and blissed. But then I see some gorgeous scandi homes white with colour pops or amazing 70's print wallpaper and I get incredibly excited. At the moment I feel my home is overcrowded too much stuff everywhere. I think it's the changing in the season, I always get like this. Out with the summer and ready for the autumn. We are having a log burner installed in the lounge. A chance for me to re-decorate. I am thinking a grey/blue on the fireplace wall as it needs to be warmed up in there.

    Maybe you should have a fiddle with your displays, edit your collections, maybe put some pics away for a while for autumn/winter and then bring em fresh for spring.

    Chin up hun, you are actually a colour junkie, you Mrs Yellow! xx

  6. I'm feeling a bit the same way - I always just add things to our home that I like, without really thinking about colour coordination. I think it's also got something to do with watching The Renovators - all the styling and beautiful rooms are making me jealous!

  7. I love the snippets of your home that we see, i think you've got color just right. however it is all to do with personal preference and feelings isn't it? When we first moved in I wanted white,white, white..Now we've been here 6 months and the house is s..l...o..w..l..y getting white.white.white I now want colour! I'm thinking pink (dark,vibrant) for the bathroom.Maybe duck egg blue for the bedroom and possibly orange for the living room. I would of had different colour floorboards in each room but Ben said no so its slate grey throughout!!
    It is generally down to emotions,when I feel as you say you do I just want soft shades,peaceful colours.

  8. I love colours, too. Sometimes I think I have to wear more black, in the hope of looking more mature. But I am always drawn to bright, strong colours. Also at my home. Funnily enough, my bf also dislikes my beloved ashley g illustrations - but I don't care. If I would let him have his way at decorating, there would be nothing but the playstation.

  9. Colors are wonderful. I myself mostly work in black and white in my own artwork so I love to put color on my walls. It totally makes my mood better to see bright pops.

  10. I love these images, long to live among these peaceful calm tones - just doen't work out that way, kids(of all ages) don't help either! I also need to be around things that lift the spirits and make me smile which seems to be colour and pattern, Restraint is the answer!

  11. Those are very lovely calm-looking peaceful places. But the moment you put a big red teacup down on you way to the bathroom, effect is somewhat ruined, I imagine.

  12. I find my mood is very much influenced by my surrounding - my bedroom used to be bright yellow with lots of posters everywhere. I have since painted it a colour similar to in the photos above, and even red accents here and there look dreamy.

    I'm also very affected by music - I felt very sad for a while and couldn't work out why, until I realised I'd been listening to Iron & Wine before bed and it was making me extremely melancholy!

  13. Amazing how colour influences your mood... I often have this struggle. Bright vs muted. Muted often wind just because colour can make me feel chaotic. A splash is nice, though... and I just wanted to say I am so obsessed with LeDansla. have been for so long. Such a pity she's not blogging as much anymore... but aren't her shoes divine?? I want some for Lalie so bad!!

    P.S - don't mind me commenting on old posts...been gone for a while and there's a lot to catch up on! x

  14. What a beautiful images of your home. I love the first one, those colours looks great.


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