Evening Escapade

We had a lovely picnic in Finsbury Park last evening. You can cycle there along the Parkland Walk, which we are fortunate enough to have an entrance onto from our road. Bertie thoroughly enjoys being transported around in his trailer (which I will add, was found at the recycling centre)!
On the menu was frittata, salad, olives, humous, breadsticks, blueberries and iced buns. Pretty tasty. Bertie has a fascination with sticks at the moment, and even one of his sticks had a little dip in the humous (I could see his logic, but had to dispose of that one promptly)!
My bike has had a respray recently, and I am really pleased with the colour. 


  1. Perfect choice of color, I love that bike!

  2. Did Bertie then try to eat the stick? Or chase you with it? Toddlers are funny - my 2 year old nephew gets up to similar antics. That is indeed a beautiful new colour on your bike.

  3. oooh your bike is so lovely!! perfect colour!

  4. I love your bike Kerry - I saw a similar pale blue one in Paris a while back - so stylish...


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