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I have been spending some of my birthday money, and have just purchased these two prints, both of which I have had my eye on for a long time.
The first is the 'Knot' print, by Hanna Konola, who's brand new shop is now open. She has a lovely blog too.
The second is by Jen Collins, whose work I have posted on here before and am a big fan of. I love this little tree-house gocco print
Yay! I can't wait to receive them and hang them on the wall (though we are seriously running out of space)!

Oooh, plus, there are two great giveaways on two super blogs...

1. Roddy and Ginger here.
2. ViolaSometimes here.

Get entering!


  1. Lovely prints. I'm not surprised you're pleased with your purchases.
    I've just featured your blog on my own blog as I've only recently discovered yours and I love seeing the inspiring interiors you feature - all of which I could quite happily live in. Plus your work and taste in all things creative is fab!

  2. Hi Alison. Thank you very much...what a nice compliment coming from you, as I've just looked at your work and I love it! i'm following your lovely blog too.

  3. Happy birthday to you! I love that treehouse print. Yet another item for my wishlist!

  4. hi kerry,
    happy belated birthday!

    and thank you. i sent the package yesterday, i hope it arrives to you safely and fastly.

    full of wonderful pictures this blog of yours! thank you for that too.

    rainy greetings,

  5. Thank you Vea, Stephie and Hanna!

    Hanna...I can't wait...thank you!

  6. They are both so gorgeous but I just LOVE the knot print :) Kx


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