Brrrr, It's Cold Outside

Make that f-f-f-freeeezing! We've been cosying up inside mostly, but I truly have witnessed some of the most spectacular and beautiful-makes-me-glad-I'm-alive, wintry scenes over the past couple of days! 
It has been a breathtaking, frost-kissed wonderland here.

HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY MAISIE! (Ten today! I can't believe I have a ten year old)!


  1. Beautiful pictures of Bertie x

  2. Happy birthday Maisie, and what cute photos! Hope you have been drinking lots of cups of tea to warm you up!

  3. happy birthday maisie!
    i love seeing pics of bertie, it just makes me cuddle gus more. they really are alike! we've been in a lot too. i tried to take him to the playground about 3 weeks ago and he screamed the place down. he doesn't do cold. x

  4. I've only lived on the IOW for 3 years but I've never known it so cold here, I don't think people that have always lived here have, let alone this early in the proceedings!
    Huge Happy Birthday wishes to Maisie, have a great day! x

  5. isn't it beautiful.. our journeys to work have just been magical.. rolling hills all kissed blue and white with glittering frost.

    lovely photos and lovely blog x

  6. wow! beautiful photographs Kerry. Happy Birthday Maisie too!

  7. Looks beautiful. I have never seen snow and it's been really muggy here in Sydney the past couple of days so I am feeling a little jealous of your wintery wonderland at the moment!

    Hope Maisie has a fun birthday. I remember turning ten and being quite thrilled to tell everyone that I had been alive for a whole decade! A few decades on, I don't like talking about age at all - funny that!

    A happy, wintery Wednesday to you, Stephie x

  8. Happy birthday to Maisie! Beautiful pics. My son is 3 years old. Ican't believe it too. Hugs to you & lovely greetings from Bulgaria

  9. That frosty grass look so, so pretty! And Happy Birthday to your little one!


    {Stop by and say hello!}

  10. Happy Birthday to Miss Maisie!
    And your little one is soo cute!
    Oh yes it's cold outside...
    greetings from Cambridgeshire ;)

  11. Best wishes to Maisie and her mom! Nice to share a birthday with her :)

  12. Great picture of you and the little one! Love his little outfit - So very stylish. :) Stay warm!

  13. what a beautiful photos! gorgeous:)

  14. Beautiful pictures!
    Your son is a cutie pie.
    I love how you added the snow falling.


  15. WOW! beautiful pictures, I didn't know Bertie :)
    so cute!!
    Hope Maisie had a wonderful wintery birthday and all you enjoyed together and had fun!

    I love your place Kerry :)

  16. Aaah, how lovely of you all...thanks for Maisie's around the world birthday wishes...she was very pleased!

    And thanks for saying nice things about the pictures/Bertie too!

    Get yourselves some snow!


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