Inspiration And Snow

Thank you Anna G for this wonderful link! The work of photographer Patrick Johansson. So many gorgeous interiors. Plenty of images for the inspiration files!

I hope you are all well and happy. The snow has reached Devon at last, and it's pretty bad in our village, so I have Maisie home from school which is always nice. The fire is lit, Bertie's having a nap, Maisie is writing her Christmas cards and I'm drinking copious amounts of tea (nothing new there). Have lovely days x

You can still buy an A4 print and get an A5 print free in my shop.


  1. such beautiful homes! thanks for sharing them.

  2. Hi Kerry, not sure I've told you yet how much I love your blog. You have a a wonderful taste for interiors and I always love hearing about how Bertie's doing. Hope you are keeping warm in Devon. Your blog always warms up my day. Robert x

  3. how come even though i live in a lovely house, i still want to live in all of those. never happy, me. x

    p.s. i'm the opposite, dreading that 'no school today' text! enjoy time with your girl.

  4. Thanks, I'm so glad you enjoy his work as much as I do!!

  5. Love, love these photos! Mmmmm - I want so many of those things for my own...

  6. Amazing. And that teeny-tiny Harry Allen Pig on the kitchen floor is too precious and perfect. I want it so bad.

  7. stunning pictures, we are snowed in up here as well!

  8. Charlotte...Glad you like them.


    Robert...what a lovely lovely thing to've made my day, thank you!

    Francesca...I have to say, that I am just the same...never happy with what's in front of me...fickle, that's me!

    Anna G...Yes I do...great find, thanks.

    Charisse...very much me too.

    Old Brand New...he he...yes, that little pig...what a beauty.

  9. Lovely! ♥♥♥♥
    Great post and Blog!
    have a nice day!


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