I was recently and very kindly given a 'Versatile Blogger' award from a very nice lady with a very nice blog. She won my giveaway in fact. I'm supposed to divulge seven things that you probably wouldn't know about me, and then pass it on to seven blogs that I enjoy. It has been ages since I joined in with something like this, so I thought It would be fun to play along. Here goes...

1. I always thought my path would be in music. I play the piano, guitar and violin. 

2. I used to write songs and made an album a few years ago. There are still a few songs in me yet though...

3. I'm a fast runner (over short distances)! 

4. I don't sew, knit, or cook. But wish I could. Too impatient. 

5. We're moving to London in the spring...having realised that 'country life' is not for us.

6. I have a very good sense of direction. My husband does not. Drives me mad!

7. I am very hard of hearing. I have hearing aids, but I forget to wear them.

There...a few boring things about me! Seven lovely blogs...

Join in if you fancy it!


  1. Hello lovelies : )))
    I would love to listen your music!
    ciao, Happy Christmas and thanks for inviting me to play!

  2. Oooh I love reading these :) And you're moving – does that mean a whole new place to decorate?! My other half has no sense of direction either – must be a boy thing ;)

    Merry Christmas xx

  3. Be nice about the sense of direction. I don't have it and my husband does. It makes him mad too but I can't help it. I'm not a spatial person. I need landmarks.

    Wow about the music!
    Even with reduced hearing?
    So cool!

  4. Just wanted to say hi!

    Im new to your blog but love it.

    Thelma x

  5. If you're moving Kerry, can we buy your house??! (seriously!) :) Hope you'll come back to the country for visits every now and again though! x

  6. Hi Kerry - just found your blog t'other day; sorry that you're snowed in. The joys of rural life... not!
    Photos of your house are ace - hope you're looking forward to doing up your next one!

  7. You and your little man look smashing! You sing! Oh, you know I am all about female artists/singers. I used to be a fast runner too, and they called me Daddy Longlegs. Hah. This is fun and totally not boring at all. Those links are all lovely, too. Thank you. Looking forward to your London home.

  8. Firstly, OMG how gorgeous is that photo??!! and secondly, what a lovely list! Great reading more about you Kerry. Have a wonderful Christmas! Kx

  9. I second Kylie - a beautiful photo of you both Kerry. I'm impressed - a musician and album to boot! Would love to hear that one day.
    I envy you moving to London, I'm not cut out for the country life either...
    Have a great Christams !

  10. best of luck with your move!! :)

  11. oh i love your 7 things! they all had me going "ooh!" (in my own head). now i am trying to remember if there is another blogger who made an album or if it was you. have you mentioned it before? i'm very intrigued.
    how's the moving plan going? is there any action on your place? move closer to me so bertie and gus can play!

    that is indeed a really lovely picture. x

  12. la casita...a pleasure. Maybe I will link to my music one day...actually, I probably won't link...i'd rather post out a cd to anyone interested!

    Rhian! I would love for you to buy my house! I think you'd feel a bit stuck out here! However, the sale is already going through privately...I put an ad in the village shop and the same day, someone said they wanted it! Very lucky.

    Trashsparkle...thank you! We'll be renting in London, so sadly won't have as much freedom with the decorating.

    Old Brand New...or shall I say, Daddy Long Legs! Thanks...Yes, I do sing, and they used to call me 'whippet' at school. nice.

    Kylie....thank you for your lovely comment x

    Kickcan and Conkers....Yes, we just can't cope with country life any longer. We miss out on so many good things...exhibitions and general culture here. We're stuck and stale here! Need some vibrancy in life!

    Andrea...thank you.'re right...I just realised i had mentioned it before a long time ago. I should've come up with another thing instead (probably not much more to me though)! House sale is going through privately, so all looking good. x

  13. Really beautiful photo Kerry and really lovely to read your 7 things we didn't know about you. Glad to hear you are moving to London - we love it here.
    Have a very, very happy Christmas, a wonderful New Year and keep your posts coming please.

  14. Yes, I hope we will too Rob. it's a bit scary! Thanks for your lovely comments x

  15. We didn't see you at Abney Hall last time, it was a busy but not crazy...
    We'll probably see you next year there!
    Merry Xmas to you & you little family xx

  16. Ah Kerry, that is testament to what a lovely home you've created! A shame, but I'm sure the new owner will be tremedously happy :) I will look forward to seeing your creations in your new pad next year! Happy Christmas to you and your family xx

  17. Hey Kerry I enjoyed reading your post, I think I may have seen you gigging before...the cavern maybe? many moons ago!! Still I would like to hear you new work, maybe you could do some music for art swaps!! (hint hint)! Thank you for mentioning my blog, you are so sweet, you have a thank you over at my place today,enjoy the holidays!

  18. loved your seven!! such a precious picture of you and the babe!
    happy holidays kerry!!

  19. Now that is the cutest photo I have seen in ages!! Merry Christmas!

  20. Such a lovely photo! And moving to London... exciting indeed!

  21. All Cats Are Grey...i hope to see you there in the new year! Have a good one!

    Rhian...thank you...Happy Christmas and now New Year to you too!

    Rebekah..yes I imagine you did see me there many moons ago...was a regular venue for the dolls!

    Jennifer..thank you, very sweet of you to say so.

    Read Me...thank you! And yes, very excited about the big move.

    Lizzielou...Thank you!

    Brittani Rose...thank you very much!


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