Colour + Tiredness

A random selection today, although quite a good match of vibrant colours for this very grey day. Maisie made the chair at school. I love its form, and the rainbow fleece fabric and cushion. The next one was taken back last summer in Bath; nice lamps/window/coloured paintwork. Lastly my shelf of yellow/orange/red books. So there we are, some colour!

On a separate note, I am STILL not getting any sleep. The nights are a joke! Let me tell you about last night, just because I need to get it off my chest... 

Between 12am and 2am, Bertie was unsettled, and woke up several times, so in the end I was so tired I brought him into our bed, hoping to get a bit more sleep. Boy, was I wrong about that! I have been trying really hard not to do this, and trying hard not to feed him in the night too, but last night I caved in as I was soooo tired. Anyway, he was then WIDE awake for ages. It was awful. He was in between my husband and I behaving like some kind of wild, wailing banshee; flailing his arms everywhere. Today I feel like I have been beaten up! Injuries involved....

General whacks to the face/head while he flapped his arms around.
Kicks to the stomach as he lay horizontally, with his head by my husband and feet against me.
General hair pulling as he grabbed at everything.
Head butted in the lip...ouch.
And finally (and possibly the final straw), with full force, his finger went up my nostril!!

This is beyond funny (even if it does look quite funny listed here)! You are allowed to laugh, it's ok!

My GIVEAWAY is still going...winner announced on Friday!


  1. Oh Kerry, you poor thing but the finger up the nostril is giggle worthy - I hope it didn't hurt! Love Maisie's chair. Hope you can steal a little bit of a snooze some time today, Stephie x

  2. oh, I can feel with you. Our first son was like this. I thought it would never end. But it will - be sure :-)

  3. Oh Kerry...I couldn't help to laugh ...but I remember those nights too!
    My husband ended up sleeping in a futon on the floor or In my daughter's room it was the only way to have a bit more space and at least he could go to work without bruises!
    We read so many books on the subject, followed the advice of experts parents...but you know what? nothing really worked for our bubba!
    we were deprived of a decent night sleep for 18 months, then it went a bit better. Only now that she's 6 we are back almost to normal sleep routine...if only she could sleep after 7 am in the morning...would be bliss!
    Sleep deprivation is a torture almost every parent goes through I'm afraid!
    Love all this colours in this grey day...and the chair is so cute ^.^

  4. Poor you, I really know what that kind of night can be like...
    Gorgeous pictures, it's nice with some colour right now!!

  5. I'm sorry it did make me laugh! But only because I've lived through this hard time, it's a bit better than it used to be but I still long for a whole undisturbed night's sleep.
    I hope he settles down soon and you get some rest.

  6. well that was very inconsiderate of bertie, i hope you gave him a good talking to!

    hope he lets you have a nice sleep soon. hang in there. x

  7. Yet ANOTHER reason why I don't have kids!! LOL I NEED MY SLEEP!!! {And apparently you do too!...But, alas, it's too late for you! ^_^}

  8. Oh my goodness Kerry. I feel for you but.. heeheeheee.. Let's hope the little tyke takes a really big nap today.. and you as well. We went through a similar time when our girl was around 2. She's such a deep sleeper, easy sleeper when suddenly WHAM. Kept waking every hour on the hour each night. Just some crazy night terrors + sudden realization she could manipulate us. lol. Everything back to normal after a year.. Hang in there Kerry! All will be well in the end.. Hope you get some sleep! and I'm so happy you like the card. : )

  9. But all is well with the world Kerry because, (like the best of us) you have colour coded bookshelves. I hope you get more sleep. Kids in the bed never works for me either. It is like they grow extra limbs.

  10. Lol...Kerry, my sister was going through the same thing with her son...they are wrapping you around their little finger...trying anything to get your attention.
    Don't will pass...but stick to your guns and don't give up on your instincts.
    We did the 5 minute...10 minute...20 minute check ion on their room...this way they know you're coming back...but they're getting used to being left even when they're wide awake...and then don't speak to them..just "shhh"...
    You've probably already tried've probably tried everything...

    Ask a friend to come over for a couple of hours today so you can sleep...SO important...If I was close by, I would help out!

    LOVE your orange and pinks...and the print too.


  11. Max did that too in the beginning. But for the last 5 out of 6 nights he's actually slept all night without more than the occasional session of tossing and turning. You guys will get there soon I'm sure! P.S. And the finger in the nose has certainly happened too, bringing tears to my eyes- literally!

  12. Oh blimey! I am going to tell him off 'Bertie, back to your bed, give your mummy some space,and go to sleep!" There, hope it works. I know it sounds awful, but when my two cried at Berties age I used to ignore them until it got too bad. Half the tim they used to go back to sleep after a 2 min cry. Once they realised that boobie was off limits at night, they gave up. Hope this helps. Early nights for a while. Look after yourself. Lou x

  13. That does not sound like fun. I think I can safely say I am not looking forward to that stage starting.

  14. I did chuckle a little...hopefully you'll get more sleep tonight. And I really love the chair, you have a little artist on your hands!

  15. ouch! i've got nostril sympathy pains for you

  16. i love your book collection! orange books are so pretty.

    and kerry! i know what you're going through. we went through it when tayvee just turned one and we moved and she was all thrown off her schedule. i wish i had some advice to give, but i would always end up with bruises too. but the thing is, it was just a phase! she's over it now, and i'm sure bertie will be soon.
    i remember the nights when she would fall asleep on our bed (after kicking for a very long time) and then i would try ever-so-hard to carry her into her room without her waking up! i would be holding her out in front of me, literally running to get her into her crib. i'm sure i looked like a maniac. it worked sometimes! :) ah, i just wish you the best. i know how trying these times are!

  17. Oh Kerry! Poor you! I feel for you, I can only imagine what it's like! Hang in there x

  18. yes, hang in there! they grow so fast. time is fleeting!

    found your blog through chantale P. she's a sweetie. love your blog, love your pics! i am now your newest follower. happy to meet you!


  19. LOVE Maisie's chair what a clever girl she is!! I would love one just like it. So cheerful for dull days.
    As for Bertie sorry had to giggle about the nose! I can still remember the feet on the throat and waking not being able to breathe! He will of course grow out of it but it's pure hell till he does!!
    By the way the foot was about 27 years ago!!! Never forgotten!

  20. Love your photo with the orange and red books.

    And according to your lovely night, I know exactly how you feel, me too. My husband and myself has been up all night with our little terror. She is just screaming, rolling around as if we were fighting.

    I defiantly feel for you and hope for the both of you that it will get better soon, and it will. In a minute they are all grown up and you will miss this time. It is just so hard when you don't get any sleep at night.

    Best wishes.
    Sarah x

  21. Oh, you poor thing. I really feel for you, sleep deprivation just makes you feel like a zombie. My now-3-year-old was a gorgeous baby but a terrible sleeper and it nearly drove me crazy. The first few months are bearable, and you expect it, but after a year of sleeplessness you start to get so worn down (and I got so annoyed hearing other people talk about their children who slept through or only woke once in the night). It will get better though, although when he finally started sleeping through it gave me such a shock... I'd wake up, in daylight, in my own bed and feel completely disoriented.

  22. I'm a new reader to your blog and his post made me smile:)
    A lot of people can relate.
    beautiful chair btw;)

  23. Oh lady, that lack of sleep you're describing is the absolute pits. I co-clept with my daughter for months and months because I just couldn't keep getting out of bed every hour or so! Hideous. Hope your nights improve soon. Kellie xx

  24. I'm sorry to laugh because I do feel for you - it's not good. Hopefully things will settle soon. Kx

    p.s. LOVE those pics and the chair is just gorgeous :)

  25. Oh my! sorry i'm laughing myself off, naughty Bertie! I totally relate to you Kerry: two nights ago things were like that over here with Amelia :s and it's not funny when you are soooo tired and receive a punch in the nose, or a kick in the gut from a unsettled child that invades your bed in the middle of the night. But we always laugh the next day about the hazards of being a parent (we laugh after we start to feel a bit less tired, of course).
    I truly hope Bertie starts to sleep better soon and you get your well deserved night sleep!!

    Love the photos :) cool collection of colorful books!

  26. That chair is gorgeous maisie!
    I sympathise, I felt like I just didn't sleep for 4 years when I was breastfeeding Savannah and Miles, you get so, so tired. It will get better though Kerry, promise!

  27. Love the colours! Not the banshee behaviour :-)

  28. I feel your pain! My 15 month old still doesn't sleep and my 3 yr old has started to join in too. It's like musical beds in our house every night. The joys of parenthood eh? Hope you get a betters night sleep x

  29. Oh no, poor you. Milo is the same if we bring him into bed with us he just wakes up more and then beats us up. Normally we get headbutted in the nose. So painful. I really hope Bertie gives you some sleep soon *sending sleepy vibes*

    Maisie's chiar is absolutely gorgeous. Love it.

  30. I did laugh, but only because we have a Bertie too - in name and sleep habits (or lack of). Mine is just 2 and still doing all of that. Nostrils are a favourite of his too - ouch! Lots of sympathy from a fellow bruised and sleep deprived Mummy.

    Great chair Maisie!


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