A Feast...

...of beautiful spaces, colour and texture. All found here, via this nice blog. I spent aaaages on there whilst Bertie had a nap (should really have been having a tidy up, but hey, life's too short)!
Thanks for all your lovely comments on my anniversary gift. Obviously my husband now thinks he's THE man! Which of course he is in my opinion (most of the time) he he!
Lots of entries in my GIVEAWAY...keep them coming!


    thanks for the links it's wonderfull, I love it

  2. Kerry I must say, since I follow your blog my longing for my own home/house grows constantly.
    Images of your home and the inspiring"livingspaces" you dig up and share with us...
    Apparently I live in a shared flat and as it is only short term and far from where my belongings are (Germany-Turkey) nothing in here has my signature.
    But this way I can collect all the inspiration you give until in summer I will setup my very own home, haa!

    cheers to you!
    Jana (from elilos.blogspot.com)

  3. Oh, that top photo! Serious envy issues a-happenin here ;) Kx

  4. Fantastic - that's exactly how I love furnishing :)

  5. I love the staircase...it flows so nicely. I'm really into white walls lately.

  6. best chairs in the world.. and loving them in orange, white and black.. also have the white lamp in third picture down - ikea special! would love though dark wooden floors and crazy tiling! oh and curtains - still looking for that perfect fabric - nearly for 3 years.. note to self - look harder!

  7. I'm soo happy you found inspiration through my blog, you've collected an amaaaazing set of pics for this post, I LOVE IT!

  8. Yes...this selection is rekindling my interior love spark!

    Jana...what a nice thing to say, thank you!

    Wellies and Vogue...yep...best chair in the world (in yellow ;) Ah, I love that lamp...good to know it's an Ikea one = affordable!

  9. aaaaaaaaaaaa i received yr prints!!! thaaank you! mr fox is the best ever ever ever and will be on the wall very soon! xxx

  10. Gaaaah, so cool!!! the first picture is just, perfect!!

  11. I love that top picture Kerry, it's funny, it's not really me but I find it so uplifting, must be the colours.

  12. i want to live there!!
    (oh and i never let comments, but i really like your work, from your previous posts..!)
    have a good day,

  13. you know life is too short to be tidying! love images. dayle

  14. Vivid. Pretty. Lovely.

    Off to explore your great blog!


  15. We use the energy you give for every single gig we do.
    No additives.

    /Frank + pals


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