Bits Of London (3)

A day at London Zoo. Maisie and Bertie had a great time, and we certainly got our (grandad's) money's worth, as we were there for hours! I am not really a big zoo fan, or an animal person, to be honest. However, I do care about an animal's welfare. The lack of space in some of their environments was a little alarming at times. 
Zoo-ish smells are a challenge for my nose too. There aren't many pictures from this day (not worth sharing anyway), as I don't really see the point in going around taking pictures of/filming animals. I saw a lot of people taking video clips, and I wonder when they will ever actually sit down and watch them? Or maybe I'm just being a misery?
The giraffes were probably my favourites; slender, beautiful and impeccably groomed! Sounds like me, haha (NOT)!
Despite what I've said, London Zoo is pretty good in the zoo stakes, and there was some great 1960s architecture to appreciate.
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  1. this text could be mine...:)
    we have a year abonnement for the zoo because it is just a 10min walk from our home... and with kids it is great specially in winter as they have lots of ndoor things
    but before i had kids... no zoo...
    and i still just take pics of the kids not the animals!

  2. Oh...I haven't been to the London Zoo since I was a young lass at school...and even then I remember it being quite concrete like.
    Loving your pics though and I could do with a bite of Waggas right now...YUM !!
    Have a great rest of the week...

  3. Wow, the first photo is amazing!
    Seems like you've had a wonderful day.

  4. hello, really enjoy your blog. I just wondered what camera you use?


  5. Gorgeous photos, as ever. The Giraffes are always my favourite too, they win me over with those long eye lashes. Kellie xx

  6. first image stunning little person
    london zoo
    love it
    actually only love
    (read LOVE)
    the giraffe house
    before moving to france
    was a regular visitor
    writing random thoughts
    and sketching
    in the giraffe house
    for hours on end
    they are indeed
    calming creatures
    i am homesick
    thinking of this


  7. Umm....that giraffe photo is pretty awesome!

  8. I'm with you, Kerry - zoos are not my favourite places either! Great photos though. Been looking through the other posts about London that I've missed and just drooling over them... so want to be back there! Southbank looks great. Glad you had a good time :) Kx

  9. Sounds like your time in London is full of adventures. Lots of fun indeed!

  10. hehe, he is so cute! Love the giraffe photo. There were 2 zoos we visited, San Diego and Central Park nyc and both times it was so hot, the animals never bothered to come out. lol. Looked like a great day was had by you guys!

  11. Bertie! Stop being so cute!

  12. oh me too, the giraffes are amazing, quite stunning. can't believe they actually exist when you see them in person. and i'm so glad you said you're not an animal person. i'm afraid to say it! x

  13. Wow, all of your London photos are amazing - especially the one of the giraffe - beautiful! Looks like a great time.

  14. Aww.. I love London Zoo. It's a smaller zoo than other big city's have, but the "getaway" in the middle of the city-centre is great! And I love the Gorilla's in there! I bought a button the last time I was visiting, but lost it about half a year ago.. I was gutted. Thanks for reminding me that I need to go back! :)

  15. I took mine there last summer - in a short-lived fit of efficiency I arranged to go in our first week. Totally forgetting that kids in the south break up later than up here; we were falling over huge parties of schoolchildren on their end-of-term trips. The okapi was really cute though. And the giraffes are wonderful.

  16. Kerry, that Giraffe photo is so beautiful!! Zoo beauty on the internet, without the smell...PERFECT!! ^_^

  17. I know what you mean about the zoo. I always feel a bit sorry for the animals and leave feeling deflated. Even if most seem happy there are always a few that look so cramped and depressed!

  18. Carahhh, I use a Canon 500D. Thank you!


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