Lately On Film 3

* My final few pics, taken with expired film in my Nikon FG-20.
* A lurker behind the apple tree.
* Shadows on the grass. 
* Strawberries, yum.
* She’s growing up, but still loves her chipmunks!

How are you all? We're STILL in the process of moving. This has been the longest move ever! We now have the keys to our flat and Dan has been painting walls, whilst I have been wandering around with Maisie and Bertie (and standing next to James McAvoy at the crossing....Ha, I even linked to him, how sad)! I know it's no big deal...famous people are everywhere in London, but it's a big novelty to little, he is my one celebrity crush, so there! 
Thankfully the weather has been beautiful. I hope that this time next week, we will actually be sleeping there! My blog posts may be a bit sporadic over the next couple of weeks, as we await internet connection/settle in. I'm sure I won't be able to stay away for long though!
Byeeeee for now :)


  1. The last time I moved I didn't any furniture or kids, actually. I can't even imagine packing, moving and unpacking everyting now. Hope you can settle into your new home soon.

  2. That strawberry photo is great! And I hope you're done with moving soon! The process of moving is always such a pain in the ass...but being able to finally unpack and settle in, and find new little homes for all your stuff is the best :)

  3. Your shots are beautiful!! I specially love the one with little Bertie behind the tree :)
    Good luck with the moving and the settling in, Kerry!! Sending a big hug your way! :)

  4. Lovely photographs, i love the film quality. I would of linked to him's not sad..! Moving can take forever..I wish we'd painted etc before we'd moved in as now the idea of stripping floorboards and moving things around seems too much! Enjoy your sunny days my dear xx

  5. James McAvoy! I would have blushed and probably tripped. You are so lucky.

    Beautiful pictures. They all say so much I think.

  6. Your film pictures are wonderful. They tell so much stories in them. And good luck on your move! ;)

  7. So nice pics! I know the feeling when your girl is growing up but still is little. My daughter is at that point too. She turns eleven this year and likes to play with her hobby horse.

  8. These are terribly sweet pictures. Love the one of your daughter lining up her chipmunks!


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