Looking Up

Pretty summer skies captured with my Superheadz camera. I really enjoy using this little camera; I think more than my Diana Mini at the moment. Lots of fun. You can buy it here. Cheap and cheerful. (More sky pictures, sorry. My brother will reference this, I know it)!
So what will your weekends involve I wonder?
It's a bank holiday one here. We were supposed to be braving the Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday; which isn't really my cup of tea, plus I’m not great with crowds. So it has been decided that Dan will take Maisie on her own instead. I think taking Bertie would be a big mistake at this stage. In fact, I can't think of anything worse! Maybe another year.....(or maybe not).
Oooh, just noticed, it's the 26th, which means Bertie is 19 months old today. Time is flying!
Thanks for all your lovely comments this week! Enjoy the next couple of days :)


  1. These shots are so lovely! Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous long weekend.

  2. Ugh seriously about the carnival...and crowds in London can get horrible. I had a lady confront me furiously once when my handbag brushed past her. She got in my face, screaming, "ARE YOU GONNA F*****G APOLOGISE OR WHAT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!"

    Er...you're in a crowd...did you think you'd not be a bit ruffled?

    I'll take a cup of tea at home over Notting Hill carnival any old day!

  3. Congrats on 19 months Bertie!
    Beautiful skies again! Great camera tip as well!

    Tomorrow we're heading up north to my hometown for the yearly event/market. The boys love it: boats, helicopters, fish & grandma ofcourse!

    Enjoy your tea & Masies carnivalstoriers this weekend! :)

  4. Notting Hill Carnival is madness... we got lost for hours in the crowds. Smart lady to stay away (especially with a tot!)

    Happy 19 months to the little Bertie boy :) xx

    P.S - I thought you'd been using a vintage camera - that's unreal!

  5. Lovely pics, especially that first one... and I love the sentiment of 'things looking up'. Happy weekend... we have a free weekend – pretty much our first this year! Can't wait :)

  6. That's a beautiful sky! Not at all like the one we're expecting tomorrow. Hurricane Irene is coming directly for us...So, my skies will be moving pretty fast I think!!

  7. i think you made the right decision re carnival. it's an experience but i can't handle it any more either. haven't been since my very early twenties! i'm off to devon this weekend. i'll send it your love and wave at lou as i go past bristol! x

  8. Those photos are amazing, you have such a good eye for what makes a great shot! x x x


  9. Beautiful shots. Hope you enjoy your weekend. We're prob getting the tail end of Hurricane Irene.. maybe on Sunday. Hopefully we'll just see some dark clouds like in these photos minus all the heavy wind+rain. Enjoy your bank holiday!

  10. I can't get enough cloud pictures. The second one is my fave. Notting Hill Carnival is my idea of hell, I'm staying well away and safe in South London! Have a lovely weekend x


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