The Beach On Film

Ah, summer.......These were taken during our weekend in Devon, on Sidmouth beach. The weather was constantly changing and every minute we saw a different sky! Again using Kodak Ektar 100 film. (First set here).

^ That’s my little family there in the sea, plus my dad and step-mum. Sadly, I am fuss-pot-don’t-like-the-sea-Kerry. It’s the seaweed...can’t cope. Ok, I’m actually scared of seaweed; always have been, always will be. I capture the moments instead :)
The weekend is almost upon us. My mum is visiting tomorrow, so I need to find us some things to do. I wish you all a good one, full of lots of fun stuff :)
See you next week and as always, thanks for hanging out are all very nice!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Dad! Woooo x


  1. gorgeous! love those coloured jeans against the pebbles :)

  2. Great post Kerry. Lovely images. My fav is the family shot... gorgeous colours and sky. And the sun on the sea... gorgeous! I know what you mean about seaweed. Rufus came down the beach dragging a massive clump wanting me to make hair out of it.. ergh! I couldn't touch it. Smelly and flies! Have a great weekend! Lou xx

  3. These pictures make me want to go back to the beach. Now. Completely gorgeous colours.
    On the seaweed front, you'd love a trip with my nephews. Their favourite thing is finding the biggest, ugliest, smelliest bit and chasing you with it. Gotta love them boys x

  4. Beautiful pictures! The skies are magnificent. That being said, I also have some beach pictures that I need to get developed!

  5. is this jacob's ladder? such beautiful shots.
    have a great weekend, kerry.

  6. These are fantastic Kerry! I love the depth and clarity of real film.. now my turn to ask you: how do you get real film to digital? Film scanning?
    Have a terrific weekend!

  7. oh, I love this set. The colors... mmmh. And that rock picture needs to be a print, methinks.

    and Happy Birthday, your dad.

  8. those pictures are so serene! definitely brought me people looking through them!

  9. very beautiful kerry!!!!
    i have to find a way to send you sorbet :)
    we'll try new flavors tomorrow;)
    have a great weekend with your family and happy birthday to your dad!!!!!

  10. Love those pants!

    ♥ sécia

  11. i love this post ! such a wonderful photos. i wish you a very happy weekend.

  12. Thanks for all you nice comments!

    Chantale, I don’t have a film scanner...would like one though, and my scanner at home is c-r-a-p, so I get prints and a disc.

    Charlotte, my local friend...yes that is Jacob’s Ladder! I imagine you’ve spent some time there over the years :)

    Elisabelle, Looking forward to hearing about your new flavours!

  13. Lovely photos :)
    Happy Birthday to your dad.

  14. Beautiful pictures!
    Happy birthday to your father :)

    Oh and I wish it was still question time, because I have a question for you since you mentionned your step-mum. What makes a good relationship between step-kids and step-parents? Do you have any advice to give me, being a step-mother is really not easy for me...

    Not as fun as the questions you answered to, I concede...

  15. Nice post!! Nice pics! Awesome!
    Thanks for sharing, Kerry!

  16. Catching up on your blog... it's so lovely, great new look, or might not be so new? (I'm terrible for using google-reader). Thought of you as was up at the crack of dawn with 7 month old. He is back to sleep now and I get some free time before everyone else wakes up. Sometimes these early risers are a blessing (ahem, sometimes).

  17. So beautiful!
    And oh, yes, isn't Ektar a treat? I used to be an Agfa Optima person - and am still hoarding my last few rolls - but Ektar comes very close, captures light and bright without being too saturated. I shot some pictures at Wells next the Sea a couple of weeks ago, and two of the pictures were of the same subject matter, one with Ektar 100/120, one with Portra (the new 160/120) and the Ektar one was definitely the best, true beach colours and light. I'm considering selling all my expired film to invest in more of it!

  18. Beautiful pictures. The first one is so dreamy, so amazing...

    Camila Faria

  19. Goooorgeous photos! Amazing colours! Happy Birthday to your dad! Hope you had a great weekend!!! :o)

  20. Beautiful photos :) Kx


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