I finally got around to hanging Alessandra’s cloud on the wall, and am so pleased with the results. 

Wishing you all a very happy weekend! I hope to be a bit more present here next week. Thank you for all your comments/orders/messages. I am trying to get myself organised and caught up with everything (including cleaning my house, washing, ironing clothes that have been in a basket for over a month....that’s why I wear the same trousers all the time etc etc.... ) I am just a bit tired at the moment (as I keep telling you)! How dull! I promise to be less dull next week :)



  1. Where are you getting these shapes from? let me in on the secret!!!! LOVE the cloud... I want her to start making them again as I would LOVE one! lots of LOVE here... have great weekend. xxx (and get some sleep!) xx

  2. Oh, that's pretty!
    Wishing you a great weekend too!

  3. Love the cloud! (I make clouds cussions and I find them so inspiring)

    About being tired and dull, well, I am exactly where you are with tiredness, and piles (I mean mointains) of clothes to iron, cleaning and wearing the same jeans everyday, that's why I got a new belt :)

    Have a great weekend and I hope you'll manage to get some rest.

  4. Love the cloud - so cute. Hope you get some sleep over the weekend - have a good one!

  5. How cute! By the way, I really love your blog :)
    Thoughts from Andrea

  6. No matter how tired, dull or boring you feel, you always cheer me up when I hop over here.
    Your cloud looks gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend (ps. Maisie looks as if she's growing up very quickly...)

  7. So very, very pretty!
    Have a great weekend you :)

  8. Thank you Kerry for this post. I like your mirror very much!
    Thanks to your readers too and their nice comments about my clouds.
    Have a nice weekend.

  9. Cuteness.

    ♥ sécia

  10. Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

  11. love the cloud and the mirror!

    Hope you have both a relaxing and productive (now there's a contradiction!) weekend and we'll see your clean trouser-ed self back here next week!

    ...and you're never dull, this is one of the cheeriest blogs around :)
    Happy weekend!

  12. That is a fantastic cloud! (And I love your honesty: you're not dull whatsoever. I wish you a week with steady sleep though!)

  13. Oh! Someone in a flat near us has a similar cloud hanging in their window- so charming!

    Also- a Heath happening I thought you might like: Kentish Town has a city farm (you can smell it sometimes) and the nice people from there will be on the Heath for the Heritage Festival on the 9th showing little 'uns (and big 'uns!) how to make felt, and also will have some lambs and sheep for the kids to touch, etc. I thought maybe it would be fun for you guys! It's near the bandstand just up from the tennis courts, 11 to 4. Who doesn't like to touch sheep? Woo!

  14. Love your new cloud! and good luck with all the works (if you don't think about them that much they get done quicker I promise)

  15. Love the cloud... Would like to rest my head on one too at the moment. Milo's not sleeping through at all, night terrors and bad dreams about flies, bumblebees, flying ants. The dreams stop for a couple of weeks then start again - urgh! Sympathy.


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