Oafing Around

That’s what we’ve been doing! We went to the Lazy Oaf pop up shop in Shoreditch yesterday and if I’d had a fortune, I certainly would have spent some of it in there! Maisie got a t-shirt (which I may have to borrow), so she did alright. On the wish list, is that burger pass case, and maybe a hat, a notebook, some tape..........etc etc

When we went to Devon a couple of weeks ago, my dad gave us some coins in a little money bag labelled ‘Doughnut Fund.’ He knows how much we like the St John custard doughnuts, so we had planned to grab a few whilst in the area. BUT THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANY! Mega-hmph. Another time... I hope you have all had nice weekends :)


  1. That 'good book' looks too good to be true! It certainly put a smile on my face. :)

  2. What a bummer! Did you find anything sugary to take it's place that was also fullfilling?

    I love your pictures of the Lazy Oaf store and good to see they have a webshop! I hadn't heard from it before! :)

  3. Ah! I badly want that 'good book' now! Too bad London's so far away :(

  4. One of my favorite brand & reason for which I would like to visit LDN again!

    Good night,

  5. Love the hats! Wish you a happy new week sweet Kerry!

  6. Oh I like so much lazy oaf,and super good prices :)

  7. I would have gone crazy there ;)

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