Boys & Bunkbeds

Two days in a row - how about that then?

I took these pictures of the boys (I like saying 'the boys'!) larking about on Bertie's new bunkbeds. It has taken pretty much all of his four years to finally start sleeping through the night and not venture into our bed at around midnight. Hoo-rah! Not that it wasn't nice, but you know....

When we moved house again at the end of November (did I even tell you that we moved about a month after having Otto? Yes we're slightly mad!). Well, we finally found a home that we could all fit into - too good an opportunity to miss in the area that we live in.  So as well as having a garden and a garage (yay - somewhere for the cargo bike to live), Bertie now has a decent sized bedroom, where one day, Otto will join him. Hence the bunkbeds. I'll do a little tour soon as it's looking rather nice :)

Anyway, this afternoon, Otto lay on Bertie's bed and got extremely excited looking at the slats above him....must have been the contrast between the wood and mattress. His little arms were flapping around like a bird! Bertie clambered around showing him his various soft toys whilst I tried to prevent him from crushing his baby brother in the process (daily occurence). At what age will he become more aware of others and less egocentric? Never you say? Oh.

See you soon.


  1. what cute little guys! :)


  2. Such gorgeous photographs of beautiful boys. I especially love the last one of Bertie - he is starting to look very grown up in his big boy bed! x

  3. Is that since you changed his bed Kerry? Raffy ventures into our room every night between 12 and 1 too. We have recently put a mattress on the floor in our room hoping he will settle in there without getting in with us but he still wakes up all the time. Considering getting a single bed and make a fuss and get him back in his room. aaaarrrrggggghhhh, I've aged x

    1. Bribery. It's the only thing that works! (For us anyway!)

  4. sweet to think they will be sharing a room at some point. brothers rock! (sometimes. unless they are fighting. which is quite often. hmph!). x

  5. Aww, they're such handsome little (and littler) dudes! Hoping that means you're getting some sleep again x

  6. Adorable! These photos are so great. I'm happy to have shared in this moment.


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